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The block shown above represents similar quilt blocks that were used to create signature quilts for
Civil War soldiers. Other quilt patterns were used as well. To jump-start the "Home of the Brave"
quilt program, I devised quilt block instructions for a quilt made with this block. As a result,
thousands of quilts were made by volunteers and they were given to family members who lost a
military member in Iraq or Afghanistan. Ohio chose to use Nine Patch blocks for quilt
s made there.
While we piece, we pray for a lasting end to the conflict in the Middle East.

One of my current projects is a wholecloth white quilt that is queen size. What was I thinking when I took on this hand
quilting project? I am ever thankful to the machine quilter, Tracy Zimmerman Szanto,who basted it for me!

In Print Recently

Quilter's Newsletter magazine includes a summary of information I shared with them in an article written by Gigi Khlasa titled
"What's Your Quilt Worth?," August/September 2014, No. 441, pages 38-41.

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In the past I have extensively refuted the "secret quilt code" in print sources. I feel sorry for anyone
who believes this new American myth.

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