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For 15 years, I served as a freelance writer for The Quilter magazine. The company closed its
doors to business on 8-8-2014, I wrote dozens of articles for
The Quilter and other magazines
owned by the same company. We are sorry to hear of this latest of a company to bankruptcy.


Anthropomorphic (dog theme) quilt finished in June 2014 by Patricia Cummings

My latest quilt, machine-pieced uses vintage pillow tops for the quilt blocks which I finished embroidering. Machine quilted
with brown Aurifil Mako 50 thread, and tied in places with Presencia spool thread. The theme of the quilt is dogs that are
presented in an anthropomorphic manner (doing tasks related to humans). It was fun to turn the blocks as well as some
appropriate fabric into a finished quilt.

Quilter's Newsletter magazine includes a summary of information I shared with them in an article written by Gigi Khlasa titled
"What's Your Quilt Worth?," August/September 2014, No. 441, pages 38-41.

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