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Welcome to our website, a much abbreviated version of what you are used to seeing if you have
visited us before. I am in the midst of re-organizing files. As the year goes on, I hope to add more

1/22/15  It is with great curiosity that Cuba has been "opened up" after four decades of isolation.
Awhile ago I was researching quilts made in Cuba but did not find much information. As it turned
out, I learned of a Cuban (woman) refugee who made quilts in the United States and whose son
published a Blurb book about them. Cuba has always been of interest to me. In my scholarly
wanderings I came across a book titled
Matanzas: The Cuba Nobody Knows. In it is described an
artists' colony that makes, not surprisingly, quilts. I hope to spend more time with this book.

1/25/2015  Patricia Cummings is a free-lance writer who has written hundreds of articles about quilts
and their history and textiles. On this website, she previously included many humanities files related
to the English language, poetry, and history, sometimes as those studies were related to quilts. In this
time of transition, we are posting more frequently to a Google blogspot called "Quilts and Musings" -  

     Mid-19th century scrap quilt published in
Scrap Quilts Favorites magazine with directions.
     New England quilts are a constant theme in Patricia's writings.

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