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Welcome to the website of Patricia and James Cummings. Today you shall see a much abbreviated
than you are used to seeing, if you have visited us before. We are in the midst of
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Featured Poem by Jane-Ann Heitmueller

Patchwork Legacy

Grandma fashioned a gift for me created from her soul.
This legacy, filled with her love, has made my life rich, whole.
A million stitches without thread, upon a cloth-less frame.
Each one adds strength and guidance for the life I shall attain.
Consistency of toil and care adorn each tuck and pull,
then knotted firmly and securely for days happy, full.

Splashes of color parallel the joys and memories,
with daily diligence created as time swiftly flees.
Numerous textures, patterns, shapes celebrate lessons learned;
now passed to me unselfishly, as Grandma's wish had yearned.
Though separate, yet intertwined, each patch lends staunch direction;
THE LIFE QUILT Grandma's heart envisioned,
Wrought from love's conception.


Civil War Remembered

This is the fourth and final year of remembrance of the American Civil War. Those in the south were
as dedicated to their cause of maintaining plantation life as were those in the north who were intent
on abolishing slavery. One effort by southern women was making contributions to the Gunboat fund.
They never did raise enough money ($80,000) to buy a naval gunboat for the Confederacy.
Interestingly enough, one woman said this:

"I have no money nor valuables, my only treasures being my children and I cannot offer them to my
country for they are daughters. I have a sewing machine, though, which I offer to be disposed of for
the benefit of the fund."

                                   This quilt with its many madder colors is from the Civil War era

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