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                        Patricia L. Cummings

This website was so huge, it was getting to be unwieldy. I have removed most of the files that were
presently available. As time permits, I shall update some of those. The ones that I have already
uploaded again may be found linked from the "Quilts" page.

Why the guitar? I love to sing folksongs, especially those related to the history of our country, the
United States of America. I will be uploading song files again when I get around to it.

Books and Patterns for Sale

All of my books and patterns are available. Topics include Redwork and Its History, and Sweetheart
& Mother Pillows, the "Yellow Treasure" pattern, etc.. Please write to me directly to arrange
payment. pat@quiltersmuse.com

Find us on our Google blogspot at http://quiltsandmusings.blogspot.com

All-American Crafts Publishing, Inc.

Notice to those loyal readers who follow our columns in magazines published by All-American
Crafts, the company located in Stanhope, New Jersey is in the process of suspending all activity and
plans to file for bankruptcy. Their last magazine has already been published with the last issue. I will
miss writing free-lance articles for the magazine, something I did from 1999-2014, (15 years).