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Books and Patterns for sale - All of the following are pdf files which can be viewed and printed out
from any PC. The
e-books are filed to discs that are sent via U. S. Postal Service for $3. dollars.

To order, write to me at or send a check or money order to: Quilter's
Muse Publications, 462 North State Street, Concord, NH, 03301-3245.

Redwork Renaissance Revisited is an e-book with 176 pages and 239 images. The book's focus is
Redwork history, instructions. Shown are many designs that appear on actual quilts and coverlets
and other items. First published as a (smaller) print book in 2002, the book is greatly expanded  
and  is available only as an e -book. The price is $19.95 plus $3. shipping.

Redwork Embroidery and Needlework Traditions in Europe and America takes a look at
Redwork history and features many designs that show how Redwork embroidery has ben used. A
number of Redwork splashers are included which have writing on them which was translated by a
professional translator.  The book has 147 pages and 165 images and is available as an e-book for
$19.95 plus $3. shipping.

Straight Talk about Quilt Care II has 124 pages and 90 images. The book is an illustrated romp
about caring for quilts, embroideries, and textile. Cleaning Storage, Display and other topics are
covered in detail. This book has been used as a basis for lectures across the country by other
professionals since its first publication in 2005. $19.95 plus $3. shipping.

Ellen Emeline (Hardy) Webster (1867-1950: Her Amazing Quilt "Charts," Her Writings and Her
is a biographical sketch of Mrs. Clarendon Webster and a look at the work she did in saving old
quilt designs via the quilt charts that she made by hand. This is a complete overview of Ellen E.
Webster's life based on direct information from her descendants, the records they have, and
research to find additional information. $24.95 plus $3. shipping.

Print Book

Sweetheart & Mother Pillows is a unique way to look at history via the information featured on
pillow covers sold on military bases and sent home to loved ones. This landmark book is a
one-of-a-kind  book and is published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. I have a few copies on hand and
would be happy to autograph it for a special gift or for your own collection. The price is $24.95
plus $3. shipping.

Questions? Write to me at: