About Us - In Short

James Cummings and Patricia Cummings love American culture, quilts, needlework,
history, and books. Together, we have collaborated on many articles for publication
and we write books on the topics of needlework, quilt history and books with a
larger scope based on history themes such as World War I and II.

We have been taking a short break and are revisiting old files and considering which
articles to delete or keep from our former huge website. I continue to post regularly
to http://quiltsandmusings.blogpost.com, our other Internet interface. Our work has
been widely-published in print venues and online.

We invite letters from readers (at pat@quiltermuse.com). All of our former patterns
and books are still available,
even if they are currently not posted. When we are not
preparing articles for publication, we are enjoying our old house (1821), the garden,
or rides through the countryside of our beloved New Hampshire and New England.

Moose recently "caught on camera" on a trip to the Colebrook, NH area in August
2014. Photo by James Cummings
About Us
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