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Welcome to the website of Patricia and James Cummings. We have been online since 2002 posting
many files about Redwork embroidery, antique quilts, and quilt and textile history as well as reader
contributions. Life has a way of changing and so it has with online activities. Today, we more often
post to our Google blog or to our Facebook page. Look for us on Facebook at "Quilter's Muse
We post frequent updates about the quilt world.

To find files on this website, please use the "site search" function or visit the categories "History,"
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                                           This doll bed quilt was constructed by using
                                           undamaged squares from a 1930s/1940s quilt.
                                           Made by Patricia Cummings


Civil War Remembered

During the American Civil War, those in the south were as dedicated to their cause of maintaining
plantation life as were those in the north intent on abolishing slavery. One effort by southern women
was making contributions to the Gunboat fund. They never did raise enough money ($80,000) to buy
a naval gunboat for the Confederacy. Interestingly enough, one woman said this:

"I have no money nor valuables, my only treasures being my children and I cannot offer them to my
country for they are daughters. I have a sewing machine, though, which I offer to be disposed of for
the benefit of the fund."

Read about a
Civil War Era quilt!

Our book published by Schiffer:

Sweetheart & Mother Pillows by Patricia Cummings

Patricia Cummings is a free-lance writer who has written hundreds of articles about quilts and their
history, and a number of books. Her articles have been featured in many publications including
international ones.

To read additional writings, please visit her Google blogspot called "Quilts and Musings" -  

Our most recent undertaking is a paper that is presented in Walloomsack Review, a publication of
Bennington Museum, Vol. 15, Spring 2015. The topic is "Grandma Moses: Early Quilts and

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are dedicated to the study of textiles and their makers. Write to us at

                               Most recently finished quilt: a Sunbonnet Sue ABC Quilt
                               made with silk screened blocks that were colorized with
                               crayon and heat set. Finished in 2015 and worked from
                               blocks provided by sunbonnetsue.com.

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